Exchange – Performing A Pseudo/Fake/Dummy Backup

At some point during your Exchange admin life you may want to perform a quick backup of your Exchange server if your transaction log drive has become full. To clear down the transaction logs you will need to perform a backup of the Exchange database(s), this always isn’t possible due to the time needed to perform a backup. This is where a pseudo/fake/dummy backup comes in as makes Exchange think that a backup has completed and to truncate all the transaction logs, this will enable you to bring the Exchange server back online quickly.

This procedure should only be done after you understand the risks, as it will affect the ability to be able to restore the server in the event of a system failure. If a system failure was to occur you will potentially loose all emails sent/received since the last full backup. Once completed a full backup should always be performed as soon as possible. This is to ensure that window of potential data loss is kept to a minimum.

To perform the procedure:

  1. Open an elevated command prompt
  2. Type “diskshadow" and hit Enter
  3. Type “add volume x:" (“x” is the drive that the Exchange database is on, you can enter this line multiple times to add additional volumes if needed) and hit Enter
  4. Type “begin backup" and hit Enter
  5. Type “create" and hit Enter
  6. Type “end backup" and hit Enter
  7. Type “exit" and hit Enter

Example screenshot.

Please note: I accept no liability for any loss of data that may occur by you using this procedure, and you use it entirely at your own risk.

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